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Round and Round,
#141: Life is nothing but a bed of nails. 
3rd-Nov-2010 11:07 pm
selena #1
Time files.

Its been FIVE MONTHS, oh my gosh, five months of mugging! Looking back, I felt pretty accomplished to come this far. The English papers were average, hmm, the EMaths and AMaths, were rather easy, as in little mistakes. Hopefully the moderation wont be that much and I could still obtain 2 A1s! Chemistry bit tough, cause of the titration graphs which I completely don't understand. o.o Physics still okay, just that I think I had a few careless mistakes here and there. Biology! OMG I LOVE BIOLOGY TODAY. Today's the Biology paper, quite easy, hopefully not much moderation too! A1s!!! Elective geography. Think should be can. Hopefully can score an A1 too, of course, with the help of Social Studies. I think its more of a burden than help seriously. -.- Luckily I had the next 4 days to study SS! :D So today is my only day to relax before I go for the big dash!

Really looking forward to the days after O's. Then I get to attend chalets, class and cello, and find a job, but most importantly, I get to fix my super ugly teeth! With braces, duh. Haha!

Oh yeah, happy sixteen birthday to intersticed !
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