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Round and Round,
30th-Jun-2010 05:14 pm - #140. Before the run.
selena #4
Just posting before I mug for the O's. Omg, the timetable for the O'levels is super ridiculous. Those tough examinations that requires loads of mugging are in the beginning and we had minimal time to study. Those that are easy, like MCQs, wow, we were given, like, 3 days to study. How considerate. Haha.

Okay, i'm bored.

Gtg, massive headache coming.

7th-Jun-2010 02:41 pm - #139: Swift.
Anti demi
Hey. It's been a long while. Spent most of the day in school last Friday. Firstly, there's the MBTI profiling, which took up the whole morning. I don't think mine is accurate, cause I did the assessment on what I think I should be, instead of my instincts. But anyway, my result is INFP. Which is, ironically, the same as more than half of the Sec4s present that day. Then there's the career talks, which is pretty much fail. There's only 5 talks available, and 2 are compulsory - dentistry and lawyer. We had a choice among engineer, surgeon and chef. I guess only the chef's talk interest me, so I went for it. It was really chaotic, everyone rushing to their venues. Typical Singaporeans. LOL. Anyway, we went to the chef's talk. Quite interesting i guess. But the most interesting thing would be Shawn, the dentist's son! He.Is.So.Cute. :D We even took a photo with him. People were laughing, but whatever. Then there's the EPIC Dining-In, which is tedious. The hall was decorated like the Harry Potter's Great Hall, LMAO. We had to wear our school tie, though I don't get why girls had to put on the ties too. Then we had a practice march up, and then the formal one. The food would taste great if I don't have to adhere to the strict western dining rules.  I love the dessert. It was awesome. Gosh, the mousse. <3
22nd-May-2010 10:41 pm - #138: I LOVE NASCO CELLO.
selena #3
Hi, taking a short break from school. :)

Today was the NASCO farewell party for the sec4s! :( It started off with games, Virus and Dodgeball. OMG I LOVE DODGEBALL! :D SO FUN! We got in 2nd :) And then, there's a break, we went down for refreshments! Then went up the hall again, omg the juniors had put together a performance for us :') Although the cellists are like so far behind! :S But I like the song they performed! And then there's the video of NASCO, mostly sec4s, and there's our parting messages to them! Hahaha, omg ours is pretty hilarious. :D
Huijie: Must come back and visit us ah!
Liying: No, is we go back and visit them!
LOL! Hahaha! Then there's the prize presentation! :D Yuyun gotten a Most Enthu(siastic) Senior award (she deserves it!) and AHEM, CELLO GOTTEN THE MOST DEVOTED ENSEMBLE AWARD! :D:D:D:D:D WHEEEEEEE! WE ROCKS! :D And every sec4s received a customised plate as a token of appreciation. :)

Oh oh, Mrs Wee is the new CO teacher! :D She brought Megan along with her today! Yuyun and Huijie went mad, naturally. ;D

Oversized :(Collapse )
8th-Apr-2010 12:46 am - #137: -blank-
selena #5
Pretty energetic right now. I'm always like this. Restless in the day and energetic at night. And I dont really intend to sleep right now, but I'm bored, and I dont feel like switching off the computer just like that. Its not like I could use the computer anytime I want.

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